I2C Cables

 ic1_large I2C Cable with Clips and CrocodileModel: IC-1Use I2C cable to speed up your USB-I2C interface development by connecting DLN-2 adapter to your hardware without any soldering. The cable contains clips for I2C bus lines (SCL and SDA) and VCC. The ground crocodile (black) can be attached to the ground pin or pad on your hardware.
 ic2_large I2C CableModel: IC-2Have no I2C bus pins on your hardware or want a permanent USB-I2C interface connection? I2C cable with bare wires still allows you to connect USB-I2C interface to your PCB. You can even solder the I2C cable directly to your I2C slave chip.
 CBL-I2C-SM2_large I2C CableModel: C-I2C-SD5I2C Enclosure Management Cable
 CBL-I2C-SM1_large I2C CableI2C Enclosure Management Cable
 Blk_Cable_lar I2C Bus Cable 48 inches (4 ft) long
 14052-dscn2221 I2C Cable for multiple sensors