Welcome to I2C & USB Cables!

At I2C and USB Cables site you can simply and quickly order quality cables for you I2C and USB device. There are plenty of I2C and USB cables types we can offer.

We are proud to announce that we start manufacturing cables for USB-I2C Interface Adapters.

We can ensure you in high quality products. We use latest materials and equipment  for production. All products pass testing processing.

Some I2C cables can be connected directly to I2C pins on the device and other has special connectors. USB cables can be standard, micro and mini size.

Use I2C and USB cables to speed up your USB or I2C interface development by connecting specialized devices to your hardware without any soldering with clips for I2C bus lines. Have no I2C bus pins on your hardware or want a permanent USB or I2C interface connection? I2C cable with bare wires still allows you to connect I2C interface to your PCB. You can even solder the I2C cable directly to your I2C slave chip.

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